The Best of Tomcat and Apache

Many users of Tomcat in JBoss choose to place a native web server like Apache in front of Tomcat to handle client requests on behalf of the Tomcat. Using a native server can yield better overall performance in many cases. Native networking and SSL libraries can outperform the current Java implementations, and static content can often be delivered to the clients in a much more efficient manner. Native web servers can provide more advanced management options and also offer a variety of non-Java application options.

JBoss Web Server integrates the flexibility and power of the Apache web server into Tomcat. This integration brings the most recent OS technologies for processing high volume data available to web applications in JBoss, making the JBoss Web Server one of the fastest and most scalable web servers in the market.

Highly Scalable

JBoss Web scales to the levels required by the most demanding of applications. The hybrid connection model can handle client loads of 10,000+ concurrent connections.

OpenSSL Support

The security of your web application matters. SSL is the cornerstone of web security, but Java SSL engines are slow and can put a big burden on your CPU. JBossWeb integrates the native OpenSSL libraries, the fastest and most secure open source SSL implementation. The highly-optimized OpenSSL libraries also allow for hardware acceleration which yield a ten fold performance increase.

Fast Static Content

JBoss Web takes advantage of fast OS-specific features to achieve zero-copy transfer of static content. This decreases CPU load and improves application responsiveness.

URL Rewriting

JBoss Web provides a powerful URL rewriting module, similar to Apache mod_rewrite. URLs can be rewritten to support legacy URLs, handle errors or rapidly respond to web application issues that come up in the hectic day-to-day management of web applications.


JBoss Web Server provides organizations with a single deployment platform for the most common types of web applications. Not only does JBoss Web support the latest Java web technologies, but JBoss web can also support applications running on PHP. There is no longer any need to manage multiple servers for multiple web platforms. Legacy applications can maintained on JBoss Web, right along side your other applications. New development can take advantage of powerful features of any of these web platforms. JBoss Web gives you the power to choose the right platform for each task, and total flexibility to make changes along the way.