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JBossWeb 2.1

See JBoss Web 2.1.x changelog

JBoss Native

See JBoss Native changelog

JBoss Web 1.0


update Added basic ant build script. (remy)


update Added native MSC nmake build script. They allow command line building for various targets, both for APR and Tomcat Native. (mturk)


docs Added basic documentation. Lots to follow. (mturk)
update Added documentation repository and build scripts. (mturk)

PHP Module

update Upgrade PHP to 5.2.6, xml to 2.6.32, postgresql to 8.1.15, libpng to 1.2.33, gettext to 0.14.6, openldap to 2.2.30, freetype to 2.1.10, libgb to 2.0.33. Add libconv, freetype2, postgresql, libjpeg, mysql and libz to the bundle instead having them as dependencies. (jfclere)
update Upgrade PHP to 5.1.5 and move files in the distribution to fit to the documentation. (jfclere)
update Upgrade PHP to 5.2.1 and postgresql to 8.1.3. (jfclere)
fix fix a core due to efree() trying to free our memory spool. (jfclere)
update Upgrade PHP to 5.2.3 and 0.9.8e (jfclere)
update Add jbossweb-extras.jar (from JbossWeb-2.0.x and README). (jfclere)

History of JBossWeb

5 August 2005 - JBossWeb project started

JBossWeb project has been officially started.

10 June 2006 - JBossWeb 1.0.0 GA released

JBossWeb 1.0.1 GA released.

10 Februry 2006 - JBossWeb 4.0.4 beta released

JBossWeb 4.0.4 beta released.